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Training is conducted by an experienced and qualified trainer at a location of your choice. Training accommodates for both small and large groups and is conducted over 1 day. Training is a flat rate cost therefore train as many staff as you like. All staff are trained at the same time and receive the exact same knowledge so everyone is on the same page. The opportunity is there for group discussions and plenty of questions and additional demonstrations.

One On One

Training is conducted by an experienced qualified trainer and is delivered one-on-one. This online styled training is designed for you to choose what topics you would like to cover therefore offering you the most specific and personalised training you can possibly receive. Training is delivered using screen share technology. A great way to up skill on trouble shooting techniques and get expert advise on how you can be using your software functions easier and faster.

Online Tutorials

Enjoy unlimited access to a rage of comprehensive online tutorials and training documentation. Each menu has its own tutorial therefore every corner of the software is demonstrated. Access your online training from your software or any device connected to the internet. All subscriptions come with unlimited users and number of log in times which means all your staff can update their skills without the price tag. Take a look at a preview of a training tutorial now:

Tutorial Preview